• Well-cared-for stock material : ideal for growers

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  • Two hundred varieties, six hectares. Ideal for growers and retailers

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  • Weed- and disease-free – of course!

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  • Because a healthy plant is the best foundation

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  • With our own propagation material, we meet the highest quality standards

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Conifers for growers

As a grower, it's up to you to translate market demand into supply. To grow those conifers, so you can meet your customers' needs. We're also keen to be your supplier of young plants, or better still – your partner. Find out how we can support you from season to season. Growing is a team effort.

Why work with us?

We have exactly the Juniperus that the market demands: 

The conifer specialist

Kwekerij Bloemendaal specialises in propagating conifers and striking them from cuttings. We supply a wide range to growers like you. With our quality product, you’re promised a carefree start to a new season. From advice on potting and striking cuttings through to delivery, we meet your needs to the highest level we possibly can. Meeting demands together.

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